Dangerous Aircraft lighting

Date:         18 Aug 97 02:22:14 
From:         caribb <caribb@promobility.net>
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The San Francisco Chronicle recently published an interesting article
concerning the aircraft visability while taxing on airport tarmacs. In
effect it talked about how airplanes have not got a standardised
lighting system to clearly identify what type of plane they are and what
they are doing. Control towers operators have trouble actually
physically spotting planes on the ground at night and airlines are
making it even harder by turining off their "logo lights" on their tails
in order to save money. Futhermore smaller planes have even less
lighting than the larger ones. All this contributes to possible danger
when trying to coordinate where they are going and who sees each other.
Anyone from North America or Europe have any insight on this?

The article can be read here: