Re: Air Canada and Virgin order Airbus planes

Date:         18 Aug 97 02:22:14 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <>
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Niels Sampath wrote:

>         It will be interesting to see if AC ever ( the
> next 10 years, say)  sees the need to a) have something between
> the 767-300 and A330-300  and/or b) replace the 767-200s/300s.
>         Since there is no obvious 767-200 replacement and the 330-200
> barely if at all competing with the 767-300, I suspect it would
> make more sense for AC to one day think of 767-400s   rather than
> get A330-200s.

Interseting question, but not only concerning AC but in general. The
A330/340 family covers the 3 class seating  from 253 (A330-200) to 378
(A340-600). The B767 family covers the 3 class seating from 175
(B767-200) to 245 (B767-400).
AC has placed A330/340 orders in two phases, first for the A340-300 it
is now operating and finally the A330/340 order discussed in this thread
which itself is split in three subphases. If there will be a logic in
future AC orders they will choose the A330-200 (for growth) when
replacement of the B767-300 will become necessary. Common
characteristics with existing (A330/340) aircraft will be an important
criteria. The same could be said for the B767 of AC but those a/c are
older than the A330/340.

The question which remains open is what happens in the B767-200 segment.
The -200 sales represents 30% (229 units) of the 767 total. This is not
negligible, however the -200 is (like the A310) virtually dead. The
backlog for both a/c is 1 (-200) and 9 (A310).

One year ago I read that AI is thinking of a successor for the A300/310
family. I don't have more details but I remember it was an interview
with a high-level DASA official. I don't think that the market is big
enough to justify a revamped B767-200 or A310, but can Boeing and Airbus
afford to abandon this sector ? I would say no.

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