Re: Reverse Thrust in Air (was Lockheed/More Weirdness))

Date:         17 Aug 97 15:41:10 
From: (brian whatcott)
Organization: Teleport
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In article <airliners.1997.1775@ohare.Chicago.COM>, rcarpen@EROLS.COM says...
>A friend, who drove Viscounts for Capitol Airlines at the time, had a
>story about one of them.  He said that the flat (or slightly reverse)
>prop pitch for braking was normally activated by the oleos compressing
>as the plane's weight was applied to the main gear.  However, on one
>occasion, something went wrong and the propellor braking cut in as soon
>as it was armed, fortunately over the runway....

The C-5 can deploy reverse thrust in the air.
The spoilers are meant for ground application, so that there are
oleo compression sensors to enforce this.
These have been known to fail...

brian whatcott <> Altus OK