Re: DC9-15 (was Re: Northwest A319 will replace what ?)

Date:         17 Aug 97 15:41:10 
From:         "Steven G. Thomson" <>
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Wilken <"wilken@wilken"> wrote in article <airliners.1997.1762@ohare.Chicago.COM>...
> Edward Hahn wrote:
> > Among the differences between a -10 and a -15 version of the DC9, is,
> > (from what I recall) the additional of leading edge slats to the wing.
> In the dash series the first digit is the manafacture series such as
> DC9-10.  The second digit in the dash is the Airline designation.  -15
> just happens to be Northwest.  Same as a -88 is Delta and a -83 is I
> beleive American.  (yes the MD88 is really type certified as a DC9-88)
> I've never seen a -15 to have slats though unless some airline did
> some special work.  To the best of my knowledge slats on the DC-9 didnt
> appear until the -30.

The -15 is a higher gross weight variant, i.e. higher gross weight than the
series -14, not an airline designator. The DC-9 series 30, for example, was
available in -31, -32, -33 and -34 models, all with different weights and
engine ratings.

The DC-9 Series 20 was a short fuselage -10 with the wing from the series
-30 complete with leading edge slats. It sold in very small numbers,
primarily, I believe to SAS.
Steven G. Thomson
Arnold, Missouri