Re: $%#% news media! (UA 737 engine failure in Portland, Or)

Date:         17 Aug 97 15:41:09 
From: (Michael W Kopanski)
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On 17 Aug 97 01:57:24*intel*.com (Wayne Dohnal) writes:
>A United 737 lost an engine on departure from Portland, Or. Friday morning
>and returned with an uneventful landing.  The first report I heard on the
>local news said that they dumped fuel before landing.  I didn't think the
>737 could dump fuel.  Can it?  And it was only on a 600 mile flight (to
>SFO), so I wouldn't think they'd have full fuel anyway.

No the 737 doesn't have the ability to dump fuel. And your also right it
wouldn't need to for such a small fuel load.

Mickey Kopanski