Re: B747 technical questions

Date:         17 Aug 97 15:41:08 
From:         Iain Stuart <>
Organization: What ?
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Many Moons ago, the following question was asked.....
>> The JT9D was flight tested
>> on a B-52 and the RB.211 was flight tested on the port pylon of a
>> VC-10.  How was the CF6 flight tested?  Perhaps on a C-5A, from whose
>> TF-39 engines the CF6 was developed?  On what, then, were the TF-39
>> engines flight tested?

OK, maybe I'm being the Devil's Advocate here, but Why bother ?

>From 60 years of gas turbine flying, improved Simulated Facilities,
improved mathematical modelling and suchlike, there is minimal info to
be gleaned from flight testing in an unrepresentative environment.

All it does is give the Luddites a warm feeling.

And that is MY opinion.

Iain Stuart
aka big-iain