$%#% news media! (UA 737 engine failure in Portland, Or)

Date:         17 Aug 97 01:57:24 
From:         wayne_dohnal@ccm.co.*intel*.com (Wayne Dohnal)
Organization: Intel Corp
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A United 737 lost an engine on departure from Portland, Or. Friday morning
and returned with an uneventful landing.  The first report I heard on the
local news said that they dumped fuel before landing.  I didn't think the
737 could dump fuel.  Can it?  And it was only on a 600 mile flight (to
SFO), so I wouldn't think they'd have full fuel anyway.

Later in the afternoon the news report said  "they switched over to the
other engine and landed safely".  Makes me wonder what the general public
thinks after hearing this jibberish.  Does the media ever get it right?

Wayne Dohnal
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