Re: Whatever happened to the Dash 7

Date:         07 Jan 97 07:20:20 
From:         David Lednicer <>
Organization: Analytical Methods, Inc.
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Chris Nolan wrote:
> Does anyone know what has ever happend to the production run of the
> DeHaviland Dash 7. Was the Dash 8 the replacement aircraft, and if so can
> it mimic the Dash 7's noted short T/O and landing capabilities?

	Boeing shut down DHC-7 production in 1988, after they bought de
Havilland.  A total of 111 airframes were produced.  The DHC-8 is a
smaller aircraft and it doesn't have the STOL performance of the -7.
Currently, the hot customer for used -7s is the US Army, which is
converting them into recon aircraft for use in Korea.  They are also
talking about reengining them with LHTEC T-800s.

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