Re: B747 technical questions

Date:         17 Aug 97 01:57:21 
From:         ergos <>
Organization: Pacific Bell Internet Services
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Somebody wrote:
> > 3) What is in the inside of an aircraft tyre?  I mean is it
> > filled/pumped up with air like that of car tyres or is it built
> > as a
> > solid whole piece??
>  Air.  It's construction is very similar to a car tire.

Actually exagerated. Construction is quite dissimilar to a car tire: 1)
there is only a very small proportion of radials, eventhough the
advantage over crossed plies is considerable and all recently qualified
major planes are radialized; 2) for radials, there are no crossed plies
in the belt, in part to make sure the tire has no cornering stiffness,
so that when the plane lands in a cross-wind the tires do not produce
cross (Y) forces despite rolling at a large slip (cornering) angle. And
for mass reduction and strength, steel is restricted to the beads;
crown/belt is almost always nylon.