Re: Reverse Thrust in Air (was Trident/More Weirdness))

Date:         09 Aug 97 02:28:30 
From:         Robert Carpenter <rcarpen@EROLS.COM>
Organization: Erol's Internet Services
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Chris Elberfeld wrote:
>> There were two other hard landings of DC-8's (Alitalia and Icelandic, I
> think) caused by premature spoiler deployment not longe after this
> accident. Eventually, an AD was issued to modify the spoiler control
> system.

A friend, who drove Viscounts for Capitol Airlines at the time, had a
story about one of them.  He said that the flat (or slightly reverse)
prop pitch for braking was normally activated by the oleos compressing
as the plane's weight was applied to the main gear.  However, on one
occasion, something went wrong and the propellor braking cut in as soon
as it was armed, fortunately over the runway.  The plane then simulated
a rock, and broke its back in the HARD landing.  There was no mention of
serious injuries.

	Bob Carpenter