Airliner Routing

Date:         08 Aug 97 05:41:20 
From:         "Michael W. Noel" <>
Organization: MWN & Associates
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Hi to the newsgroup...

If this is not an appropriate "post", please excuse this question from
an "almost newbee", (although I have been a "lurker" for several months)
posting my first message to this newsgroup requesting info on *ground
tracks* of commercial airliners.

If this post is, indeed, appropriate, would some of the obvious
"experts" that monitor and contribute to this newsgroup, please give me
the courtesy of a reply.

Here is some background info:

Every evening (sky conditions permitting) I watch regular (every few
minutes, depending on the time of evening) airliners traveling mostly
West/Southwest from my patio on the North side of York, Pennsylvania (at
approx  40.0N & 76.7W  -  and approximately 25 miles south of
Harrisburg, PA and 50 miles North of Baltimore, MD).  These airliners
appear to be climbing, are high enough to be "noiseless", and also at
times seem to *slightly* change their ground tack by turning more toward
the South while in my view.

Here is/are my question(s)...

#1	Is there a site(s) on the WWW where I could determine the

What is the flight info on any commercial flight passing over a given
point at a specific time ??  Is there some repository of info on the
normal time dependent "routes" of airliners ??  (And yes, I recognize
that there are flight "delays", but I am really interested in the
"reasonably" accurate "scheduled" times.)

For example:  What ground "site" would be in control of these flights in
the York, PA are ?  Where do those flights originate ?  Where are they
going ?  What are the airline/flight number designations ?  What
"air-to-ground" radio frequencies would they be using ?  Etc. ?  Is
there any other available info ??

If there is such a site (or sites) that would have this information
available, what is/are the URL(s) for my personal follow-up ??

I am familiar with the "airline" links that allow "real-time" tracking
of a *known* filght number.  But I have searched using the common and
well known "search engines" and am unable to come up with info on the
WWW that would allow me to determine from "where" these "unknown" (at
least to me...) flights originate (I'm guessing Philly), where they are
going, and what the airlines and flight numbers are (from which I can
find the aircraft type, destination, etc..).

I continue to be amazed at the info available on the WWW, but have run
out of ideas as to how to retrieve what I am looking for.  Any help or
guidance would be appreciated...

Thank you,
Mike Noel