Re: HS Trident/More wierdness

Date:         08 Aug 97 05:41:19 
From: (Don Stokes)
Organization: The Wolery
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In article <airliners.1997.1701@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
k_ish  <> wrote:
>Neil Wagner wrote:
>> Some DC-8's have the ability to deploy their inboard thrust reversers
>> in flight, acting as speed brakes.  I don't think they were ever
>There was a bad Air Canada crash in the 60s or 70s caused by inadvertent
>thrust reverser deployment during a go-around.  IIRC, there was
>miscommunication in the cockpit.  The captain said, "takeoff power" and
>the FO interpreted this as "take off power".  Perhaps another person in
>this NG has more facts.

Air NZ dropped a DC-8 on takeoff while doing a miluated engine-out
takeoff, when the No. 4 reverse thrust was accidentally deployed -- I
believe Douglas eventually released a mod to the thrust controls to
prevent this.

-- don