Re: Virgin Atlantic becomes first A340-600 customer; Air

Date:         08 Aug 97 05:41:18 
From: (H Andrew Chuang)
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In article <airliners.1997.1706@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Celestar 9V-SJH  <> wrote:
>Other customers should be Lufthansa, Swissair,
>>Sabena, Cathay Pacific, Air France. I'm not sure if Singapore Airlines
>>will choose the A340-600 or the B777-200X.
>I doubt Singapore Airlines will go for either A340-600 or the B777-200X.

You mean the A340-500.

>They have mentioned that the B777-200X is too big for their long-haul
>routes and are unhappy that Boeing is not offering the B777-100X.

That's old news.  Boeing has shown SIA that the B777-100X would only
be able to carry around 100 passengers for ultra-long-range operations
in a configuration consistent with SIA's level of comfort.  Even with
the B777-200X, Boeing and SIA are working on defining the required
performance based on 206 seats and year-round non-stop operation
between Singapore and Los Angeles.  That's nearly 80 seats less than
the current B777 that SIA is operating.

>SIA does not have any B747-100/200s for replacement by the A340-600. And
>they are already operating 37 B747-400s, with almost 8 more on firm order
>and 10 on options (the largest fleet of 747-400 in the world). I doubt
>they'll acquire the A340-600 for expansion too. Their order for 61 B777s
>should be sufficient.

Some of the -400 are almost ten years old.  Supposedly, in another
two to three years, the first batch of the -400 should be replaced.
The B777-300/-300X, as well as the A340-600, can be potential