Re: Virgin Atlantic becomes first A340-600 customer; Air Canada orders

Date:         08 Aug 97 05:41:18 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <>
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Celestar 9V-SJH wrote:
> I doubt Singapore Airlines will go for either A340-600 or the B777-200X.
> They have mentioned that the B777-200X is too big for their long-haul
> routes and are unhappy that Boeing is not offering the B777-100X.

The situation of Singapore Airlines is special. They have still 41
options for the B777. I don't know of any options for the A340. The 41
options were signed with the B777-100X in mind. If the B777-200X is not
corresponding to their needs what are they going to do with all these

A part may be converted to -200IGW's (for traffic growth), the other
ones may never be converted to a firm order. Canceling the options may
not be very cheap.

The A340-500 is rangewise (8300nm) not as performant as the -200X
(~8500nm) and seats 10 more passengers. The dead born A340-8000 with
8000nm and 240 passengers could be a compromise, but it looks like the
plane Singapore Airlines is asking for is not going to be launched that
soon ...

> Singapore Airlines
> A Great Way to Fly

Looking at your e-mail address and signature file I would say that you
work in the advertising business :-)

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