Re: Q: Smoking on flight deck

Date:         08 Aug 97 05:41:17 
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Brad Hunnewell <> wrote:
> Gary Welch wrote:
> > I've read that Southwest's chain-smoking CEO, Herb Kellerher, frequently
> > flies in the jump seat so he can smoke.
> Sounds like an urban legend. Unless ol' Herb is a 121/135 flightcrew
> member, he shouldn't be able to ride in the jumpseat- even on "his"
> planes, right?? Anyone?

Wrong. The FARs permit the airlines to allow anyone to ride in a jumpseat.
The FAR # and rule have been posted here before. If you are a FF (say,
several 100,000 miles/year) on a US airline, writing them a letter asking
permission to ride in a jumpseat for a specific flight may work, particularly
if you've paid full fare.

M Carling
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