Re: propellor design

Date:         07 Jan 97 07:20:20 
From: (Joel S. Harris)
Organization: State of Tennessee
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>Can anyone explain the design differences between the Hamilton Satndard
>propellors used on the C130 Hercules and the P-3 Orion which use faily
>similar engines (T56-A-14/-15)? ie the P-3 uses rounded prop tips and the
>C130 uses square prop tips, what are the reasons?

Most C-130's and Electras (yeah, we still get a few L188s) that I see
around here (BNA) are equipped with 4-blade Aeroproducts propellors.
As an aside, up until about three years ago the TNANG 118th Tactical
Airlift Wing had the USAF's oldest flying C-130 (an ancient A model
with 3-blade Curtiss (I think) props.)  Apparently the Navy, sometime
during the production life of the P-3, must have changed prop
suppliers to Ham Standard.  On a related note, in a recent Airliners
article on Reeve Aleutian Airways Electra operations mention was made
about spare part supplies running out for rebuilding Aeroproducts
props.  They stated that it would be too expensive to convert to Ham
Standards.   Zantop at one time ran an Electra into here with Ham
Standards, so evidently someone has a STC for the conversion.