Re: De-icing airplane wings

Date:         06 Aug 97 01:49:32 
From: (Edward Hahn)
Organization: The MITRE Corporation
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>Steven J. Lorenc wrote:
>> Could someone tell me who is responsible for the de-icing of wings?
>> Does each individual airline have it's own crew for that?  I'm looking
>> for either the names of some of the manufacturers of the trucks or the
>> companies which supply the service.

In response to the first part of your question, the airline is always
_responsible_ for the deicing procedures.  Ref FAR Part 121.629, which
specifically states that the operator is responsible (i.e. it talks about
"dispatch or release" of aircraft for flight - clearly the operator's job.)

That being said, it does NOT mean that the airline must use its own personnel
to perform the deicing.  At some airports, the airline may contract out it's
deicing procedure to other firms (other airlines or local businesses), but the
FAR still requires the third party to follow the specific airline's approved
deicing program.

As for companies which supply the trucks and other ground equipment, suggest
you look in the latest edition of the World Aviation Directory, under ground
service equipment.


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