Re: explosion suppression systems

Date:         06 Aug 97 01:49:32 
From: (David Lesher)
Organization: NRK Clinic for habitual NetNews Abusers - Beltway Annex
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>i remember that in the late 60's airplanes like the boeing 707 and 720B,
>maybe also the 727 were equipped with an explosion suppression system
>manufactured by a company with the name fenwal or similar. The system
>sensed the onset of an explosion (early flame front) and reacted
>supposedly fast enough to prevent further progress by triggering a
>cartridge with a chemical inerting the surrounding air due to its strong
>affinity to oxygen. the system was definitely much cheaper and lighter
>than any of the systems discussed now for retrofit in connection with
>twa 800.

>This system apparently is no longer used. does anyone know for what
>reason? was there a basic flaw?

This sure sounds like a Halon dump system. The trigger can be a
UV-light detector, I know Edison Onmiguard was one name for that

Halon manufacturing was banned by the Montreal Treaty; existing
systems can be left in place but not refilled.
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