Re: Korean Air 801 crashed on approach to Guam

Date:         06 Aug 97 01:49:30 
From:         jf mezei <"[non-spam]jfmezei">
Organization: VTL
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Karl Swartz wrote:
> to the crash, which occurred at 2:35 am local time in heavy rain.
> NTSB chairman James Hall said the glide slope portion of the ILS was
> not functioning.

Could someone put this missing glide slope in perspective ?

Just how important is it to a landing in darkness with little or no
visibility ? What other instruments/information would have been
available to the pilot to help him stay on track to the runway ?

Is it plausible that the missing glide slope would have resulted in the
plane being much lower than it should have been in its approach ?

How common is it for the glide slope to be inoperational for airports
that handle 747s on a daily basis ? Is this a no-brainer for pilots when
it is missing, or does this require a lot more attention ?