Re: Boeing 767 main gear tilt

Date:         05 Aug 97 17:45:51 
From: (Derek Grace)
Organization: Toronto Free-Net
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François Airault ( wrote:
: > The gear tilt "toe down" in order to stow more efficiently.  This allows
: > the main gear well to be shorter, making the cargo holds longer.  This is
: > goodness since longer cargo holds carry more revenue stuff.  A small side
: > benefit is that a shorter gear well makes the airplane slightly lighter
: > and stiffer.

: Is this a fact, or are you assuming ? My recollection from the type
: rating is that the gear is hydraulically (normal) or mechanically
: (standby, by the inner doors) untilted while retracting. Looking at the
: 767 wheel well, it actually seems that the gear is stowed straightened,
: with the truck parallel to the centerline. In addition, calling the 767
: main gear "short" and "light" is a rather stem way of putting it. It is
: a very complicated design, and the tilted truck is only part of it. I'm
: only curious to understand why (ok, VERY curious now that I have done
: some digging, to no avail).

Yes this is a fact and no he's not assuming. The B767 MLG trucks are
tilted 17 degrees forward to enable them to enter the wheel wells.  If
they are not tilted the landing gear lever lock in the cockpit will not
release and the gear handle cannot be raised to the up position unless
manually over ridden (not wise unless the cause is known).  Landing gear
truck tilt or untilt at touchdown is also used to automatically deploy
speedbrakes if they are armed. The trucks are tilted hydraulically by
truck tilt positioner.

Derek Grace
Toronto, Ontario, Canada