Re: Korean Air 801 crashed on approach to Guam

Date:         05 Aug 97 17:45:50 
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>[A report claimed] the accident aircraft was HL7468.
>That's a 747-3B5 (msn 22487 ln 605) with JT9D-7R4G2 engines, delivered
>to KAL on December 12, 1984 after its first flight on December 3.

Boeing has now confirmed this identification, noting that as of June
30, the aircraft had flown 49,526 hours and completed 8,340 cycles.
It apparently substituted for the smaller A300 scheduled to operate
the flight because a large team of athletes was to fly on the return
flight to Seoul on their way to American Samoa.

The flight carried 254 people, with 231 passengers (including three
children and three infants) and a crew of 23.  There appear to be at
least 30 survivors, with more possibly alive in the wreckage.  One
survivor reportedly claimed there was no sign of any problem prior
to the crash, which occurred at 2:35 am local time in heavy rain.
NTSB chairman James Hall said the glide slope portion of the ILS was
not functioning.

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