Re: Identifying Boeing 777

Date:         05 Aug 97 03:15:50 
From:         "William H. Wright" <>
Organization: The Boeing Company
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Pete Mellor wrote:
> "P. Wezeman" <>, Sun Jul 13 13:43:46 1997, asks:
> >  How can one distinguish a Boeing 777 from the many other twin engine
> > airliners, seeing it in flight without any direct size comparison?
> It's got bloody big engines!

This is right on. The 777 engines are much bigger than other twins and
as a result appear to have about half the vertical height below the
fuselage. My office mates and I just tested this theory out of our
office window on a 777 on final to Boeing Field. The plane was too far
away to see the windows but the large cowlings were clearly evident. A
second feature is the length of the tail cone. The 777's appears much
longer in relation to the fin than other Boeing products.

William H. Wright
Systems Analyst
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