Re: Identifying Boeing 777

Date:         05 Aug 97 03:15:49 
From: (Stephen Westin )
Organization: Ford Motor Company
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In article <airliners.1997.1542@ohare.Chicago.COM> "Paul Stow" <> writes:

> In <airliners.1997.1470@ohare.Chicago.COM> "P. Wezeman" <> writes:
> >   How can one distinguish a Boeing 777 from the many other twin engine
> >airliners, seeing it in flight without any direct size comparison? I
> >suppose I could make a set of World War Two style flash cards with
> >aircraft silhouettes.
> A B777 has three pairs of wheels on each oleo of the main undercarriage,
> the nearest looking aeroplane (B767) has on two pairs. Boeing large twins
> taper at the back and Airbus don't, they are flat on the top all the way to
> the back.

Around here, we just look for the British Airways livery; no one else
files 'em to Detroit, I think :).

Almost all of our long-haul flights are Northwest, so we see DC-10's
and 747's instead of 777's; United and others fly smaller planes
between DTW and their hubs, and the off-brands like ATA and Sun
Country use older hardware.

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