Re: Identifying Boeing 777

Date:         05 Aug 97 03:15:49 
From:         Peter & James Liddell <72132.1641@CompuServe.COM>
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Here are simple ways of identifing twins from each other:

A300B4:	has faring on top of rear fuselage and four doors.
A300-600R:Has small wing tip fences
A310: Has three entry doors and the -300 ahve wing tip fences.
A320: Very round, wing fences, two overwing exits.
A319: As for 320 but only one set of overwing exits
A321: As for 320, but has one overwing and three doors or four doors
      and no overwings.
B-737-200:	Pencil engines.
B-737-300, -500, -600, -700: Falt bottom naceles and 'bent' tail.
      two overwing exits.
B-737-400, -800: two sets of overwing exits.
B-757:	Sits very high on landing gear and seams very long. No wing
      tip fences.
B-767-200: Seems wider than 757. Two doors and two overwings per side.
      No winglets or fences.
B-767-300: Four doors and four wheels per main bogie.
B-777:	Four doors and six wheels per bogie.
A330: Full winglets (only go up). Also seems longish.

Peter "All alone in the lonely land"