Re: Cargo door theory TWA 800 and others

Date:         07 Jan 97 07:20:19 
From: (Simon Craig)
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In article <airliners.1997.144@ohare.Chicago.COM>, "Carl Peters, M.D."
<> wrote:

>> (Simon Craig) wrote:
>>My goodness!  So an airspeed increase caused the cargo door to blow out.
>>Extraordinary.  This theory is only a little more ludicrous than the very
>>dangerous "empty centre wing tank" theory, you know - "All those vapours
>>in an empty tank are more dangerous than a full tank."****************
>The fact that vapors are more dangerous is not just a theory - anyone in
>fire protection can attest to this fact. I see it as a physician in certain
>ER injuries. This is part of high school level Physics. You are invited to
>test this on a warm day with a sealed near empty can of gasoline vs. a full
>one - tell us which one blew your fingers off.

Thanks for the cordial invitation :-)  Luckily I do not have the pleasure
of working on aircraft that use gasoline in their fuel tanks.

What I was referring to is this new "phobia" about all these aeroplanes
that are flying around with empty centre wing tanks.  I work at an area
where every a/c has an empty centre wing tank (except in uncommon
situations such as leak testing of the tank) and I haven't seen one
spontaneously explode and blow the front half of the aircraft off yet.

I'd like to see that!


Simon Craig

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