Re: De-icing airplane wings

Date:         04 Aug 97 21:28:54 
From:         "JCSFlyboy" <>
Organization: Flyboy Photography
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Thomas A. Beckley <> wrote in article
> Steven J. Lorenc <> wrote in article
> <airliners.1997.1580@ohare.Chicago.COM>...
> > Could someone tell me who is responsible for the de-icing of wings?
> > Does each individual airline have it's own crew for that?
> I've often seen de-icing trucks with airlines' names on them, but I
> supposethey could still belong to subcontractors.

I'm not sure what ALL the airlines do, but I can tell you about American.
At least in major US cities, it is either American's mechanics or
American's ground service personnel (Fleet Service) who does the de-icing.
A rule of thumb for AA is if it's an AA deicing truck, chances are likely
that the persons operating it are AA employees.