Re: B747 technical questions

Date:         04 Aug 97 21:28:53 
From:         Chris Elberfeld <"*No Spam*elberfeld">
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Karl Swartz wrote:
> Another example is Swissair 306, a Caravelle III flying ZRH-GVA-FCO on
> Septmeber 4, 1963.  Unfortunately, it wasn't so lucky -- one tire/wheel
> disintigrated and caught fire prior to takeoff after prolonged ground
> manuvering and braking, and another apparently exploded after takeoff.
> 80 people died in the ensuing crash.

Add to the list of accidents caused by tires exploding in the wheel
well: Mexicana flight 940 on 31 March, 1986 which crashed
after departing Mexico City for Puerto Vallarta, killing all 167
onboard.  All this talk of violent tire explosions has me wondering
why that hasn't been floated as a causse for TW800... ;-).