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Date:         04 Aug 97 21:28:52 
From:         Jack Cullen <>
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Michel Gammon wrote:
> My guess for the reason for nitrogen instead of air is that nitrogen is
> inert.  During an emergency stop before V1 when maximum braking is used, I
> suspect the internal tire temperatures can get very high (the external
> surface will at least be afforded some air cooling, while the gas in the
> tire will be insulated from external air and thus will not be cooled).

n.b.: Compressed air isn't actually explosive (of course, any gas held
under pressure will explode if given the opportunity), but it will
support combustion whereas nitrogen will not.  I don't think flamability
is the factor here, though.  I believe I read somewhere that nitrogen is
the choice because, since it is inert, it's also non-reactive and as a
result it doesn't tend to collect moisture and/or corrode the inside of
the tire the way that compressed air would.
Jack Cullen
West Chatham, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

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