Re: Aircraft Evacuation

Date:         03 Aug 97 02:50:17 
From: (Andrew Muir)
Organization: Nobody but me
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In article <airliners.1997.1621@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Edward Hahn) wrote:
>In article <airliners.1997.1546@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Edward
Hahn) wrote:

>Perhaps someone could explain the exact methodology used in each of the three
>cases:  (1) more pax than had been certificated,

Doesn't happen.  The airplane manufacturer has to demonstrate evacuation of
the maximum number of passengers to be certified for the type.  The
manufacturer holds the type certificate, not the airline/owner.

>(2) more pax than have been demonstrated

Can't certify more than has been demonstrated.

>, and (3) more pax than had been flown in service, but fewer than

Airline can do as it pleases as long as exits are not blocked and the aisles
are not reduced beyond a certain width.

>Assuming scenario (1) I have a further question:  which FAA region would be
>responsible for approving the configuration - the region of the aircraft type
>certificating agency (e.g. Northwest Mountain Region for Boeing), or the
>region of the air carrier (e.g. Southwest Region for AA) ?

The region that covers the type certificate holder (eg the manufacturer).