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>So yes, the brakes can heat the tires to very high temperatures.  The
>rims usually contain fuseplugs to deflate the tire in a non-catastrophic

And can sometimes do so well after the landing.  A few years ago I was
flying ORD-SFO on a 747-100.  It developed a flat tire while sitting
at the gate.  While talking with the captain, he suggested it might
have been due to the fuseplug blowing after two relatively quick
landings -- the plane had flown MAD-IAD-ORD.

>Lastly, in the book "727 Scrapbook" by Len Morgan, there is a chapter on
>a Braniff 727 where a dragging brake overheated a tire.  It exploded
>after retraction, and blew off the gear doors and a large hole in the
>top of the wing.  The aircraft made a safe landing.

Another example is Swissair 306, a Caravelle III flying ZRH-GVA-FCO on
Septmeber 4, 1963.  Unfortunately, it wasn't so lucky -- one tire/wheel
disintigrated and caught fire prior to takeoff after prolonged ground
manuvering and braking, and another apparently exploded after takeoff.
80 people died in the ensuing crash.

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