Re: Could TWA800 really have happened this way?

Date:         07 Jan 97 07:20:19 
From: (M Carling)
Organization: Merrill Lynch
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jfmezei <> wrote:
>M Carling wrote:
>> The recovered material shows that the fuel tank exploded, and the source
>> the explosion was within the tank.
>While it is evident that the centre fuel tank did explode (and that the
>747 fell off the sky for that matter), I have not heard anything which
>stated categarotically that the event began INSIDE the centre fuel tank.

NTSB has stated this in press conferences, as reported by and

>What evidence is there that the whole event started inside the tank as
>opposed to the tank exploding as a result of something happening just
>outside the tank ?

NTSB hasn't (AFAIK) been specific yet about this.

>I am curious as to what sort of forensic evidence would lead the
>investigators to rule out an explosion which began outside the tank.

The shape of the recovered pieces, the scoring or lack thereof on either side
of pieces, the details of the separations between pieces, etc.

M Carling