Re: FedEx MD-11 crash at Newark

Date:         03 Aug 97 02:50:12 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.NOSPAM.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>> FedEx flight 14, operating TPE-ANC-EWR, crashed today (July 31) at
>> approximately 1:35 am EST while landing on Newark's runway 29.  The
>> initial impact was only 200 yards from Terminal B ...

>Hmmm. Runway 29 does not come anywhere near 200yds of Terminal B. I
>thought the crash was on runway 22R (which is indeed that close to
>Terminal B), and the plane slid off the runway headed in the direction
>of Terminal B according to a radio news report.

Several other people who were actually at Newark said the same.
Unfortunately, I didn't do a sanity check on this part of the report.
Had I done so, it would have been obvious that runway 29 didn't fit
the rest of the details.  (I wondered, too, since I didn't think it
was used very often, at least not for large stuff, but the odd hour
of the FedEx arrival dampened my suspicions.)

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