Re: Why Russians airlines usually make no-ILS approach/landings?

Date:         01 Aug 97 04:04:20 
From:         "William Caefer" <>
Organization: Sunrise Software
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Riccardo Romagnoli <> wrote in article
>Living in the vicinity of one airport (Forli'/LIPK), I have noticed that
>ALL Russians charters (TUPOLEV/ANTONOV etc.) ALWAYS made VISUAL approach
>and landings (even if the runway is ILS CAT2 equipped).

Once a pilot reports that he can see the airport, controllers will respond
with "Cleared for visual approach"  This gives the pilot the option.

This doesn't mean that the pilot abandons the ILS however.  ie: he doesn't
turn off the radio or ignore it.  The needles are there for guidance while
visually approaching the runway.

Also, maybe because visual approaches take less time and effort.  This
saves the airline money.

As always with the Russians...   who knows?

Actually, if I lived as close to the only real source of the answer as you
do (ie: Russian pilots) I'd try to stroll on over to the airport and ask a
couple of them some questions about how they fly and procedures for their
airlines.  All pilots like to talk about flying after all.  :)