More on FedEx MD-11 crash at Newark

Date:         01 Aug 97 04:04:19 
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>FedEx flight 14, operating TPE-ANC-EWR, crashed today (July 31) at
>approximately 1:35 am EST while landing on Newark's runway 29.

Flight 14's full itinerary was SIN-PEN-TPE-ANC-EWR, and that's 1:35 am
EDT, not EST.

>The other two runways at EWR were open for departures only by 8 am,
>and for arrivals by 11:30 am.

The airport officially re-opened for limited departures at 7:33 am.

>At least one witness reported seeing flames coming from the aircraft
>before it landed and flipped on its back.  A small part of the cargo
>consisted of hazardous materials -- less than 400 pounds out of a
>total of 125,000 pounds ...

CNN is saying the payload was 167,000 lbs.  FedEx's press report on
the accident, presumably the most authoritative source, says 145,000

With regard to the hazardous materials, FedEx described them as being
routine.  Firefighters reportedly observed nothing more hazardous than
pharmaceuticals and cosmetics -- any sort of aerosol could be classed
as a hazardous material, for example.  The NTSB's John Goglia said
some of the hazardous material consisted of perfume.

According to Robert Boyle, executive directory of the Port Authority
of New York and New Jersey, which operates the airport, the pilots did
not declare an emergency or otherwise signal any sort of problem prior
to the crash.  It's sounding like hazardous materials were not an
issue despite the earlier reports.  Both of the flight recorders were
recovered relatively unscathed, despite the fire, and the NTSB plans
to interview the flight crew on Friday, so preliminary details of the
sequence of events should be available quickly.

The accident aircraft was N611FE (msn 48604 / ln 553), ordered new by
FedEx and delivered on August 22, 1993.  CNN and the Wall St. Journal
both reported that the aircraft was involved in a hard landing and
tail strike at ANC on November 4, 1994 (NTSB accident ANC95A008).  CNN
also reported an emergency landing in October 1993 after the crew
discovered that one of the engines was "loose" (how would one discover
that in flight?!), and another emergency landing in January 1995 after
a false warning indication of a malfunction of the flaps on the left
wing.  There's no evidence that any of these incidents were connected
to the crash at Newark.

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