Re[4]: TWA Flight 800 accident

Date:         07 Jan 97 07:20:19 
From:         "Peter Mchugh" <>
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>"Peter Mchugh" <> writes:
>>>...the only thing you'll see out the front is blue sky or stars...
>>Or perhaps other airplanes...what a novel idea?
>No, not novel, just an idea whose time has gone.  See and be seen has been
>tried for 93 years now and its major inadequacies are among the best
>documented research in civil aviation.  Only a regulator with his head in
>the sand (or the office filing cabinet) keeps on thinking (hoping?) that
>it has any value outside the circuit area - and it's not that good there.
>It's a legal concept that has no foundation in the real world.  If you
>have some time and an open mind, try the NTSB's publications on the concept
>of see-and-be-seen.  They're part of the reports on the last few mid-airs.

And the terminology is "see and avoid" not "see and be seen" and still
the basis for separation in the NAS...In addition to the NTSB work in
this area one would want to carefully review near mid air collision
reports and ASRS reports of near misses to discover the remaining
value of using the windows for more than just a light source...and
yes, thank goodness for too is a useful tool.

BTW, as Cant pointed out, we have 93 years of experience with the
success of using several avoidance strategies, including see and
avoid, together to keep us apart (in flight).  The number of midairs
and NMAC demonstrate that...