Re: B747 technical questions

Date:         01 Aug 97 04:04:18 
From:         Paul Saccani <>
Organization: University of Malaya
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Gary Welch wrote:

> Nitrogen is somewhat lighter than oxygen.  The difference may seem trivial
> but I've read that the air in the tires of a 747 weighs in the 100s of
> pounds .  The main reason
> for using nitrogen is probably that it's less reactive than oxygen and thus
> less likely to affect the rubber at high temperatures.

AFAIK, the principle reason for the adoption of N2 inflation of A/C
tires was to prevent the occurance of fire after the bursting of
overheated tyres.  A number of fatal airliner fires would *not* have
occured if N2 was used instead of air.

High presure N2 qeunches fires, whilst HP air accelerates them.