Re: HS Trident/More wierdness

Date:         01 Aug 97 04:04:16 
From: (Jvrg-Peter Bvs)
Organization: Meditair
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On 28 Jul 97 01:13:30 , () wrote:

>Can anybody confirm or deny this quote:
>	" The defunct and unlamented Trident was unique in that reverse
>	thrust was selected before the aircraft touched down and the aircraft
>	could b elowered onto the runway by its judicious application. As
>	this action was carried out by the co-pilot, it was the only
>	aircraft designed to be landed by the person who wasn't flying
>	the airplane."

I experienced the same procedure during an aproach at PMI on a CSA
IL-62 last year. An ex-F/E of that aircraft told me, that this was
actually not a standard procedure, as only senior pilots did this.
Strange feeling anyway....
Joerg Boes
Palma de Mallorca