Re: Q:747-400F vs. 747-200

Date:         01 Aug 97 04:04:15 
From: (Andrew Muir)
Organization: Nobody but me
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In article <airliners.1997.1558@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
   Brian Wiklem <> wrote:

>My question is this (and also is it feasible and worth the trouble?)?
>Wouldn't it be far more cost effective to take an existing 747-200
>and strengthen the cargo hold, re-engine the plane with newer,
>fuel efficient engines (i.e. Rolls/Pratt/GE), and possibly add
>wing tip extensions?

We do much of that here at Boeing Wichita.  We generally don't re-engine the
aircraft and put on winglets, but we do cut a cargo door in the side aft of
the wing and put in a cargo floor.  We usually have 3 planes in work at any
one time (I'm not too sure how long it takes to do the conversion).  Right now
we have 2 in house.  One looks almost ready for delivery and one is about to
get its cargo door.

The biggest problem with the -200 conversion is finding suitable aircraft
on the market.  There is talk that we will soon start converting -300s, though
I doubt that we'll shorten the hump.  We may also start to see 767s for

The biggest advantage of the -400F (or factory built -2/300F) over a converted
-2/300 (besides the lift ability) is the nose door.  We do not install the
swing nose on the converted aircraft.

Andy Muir
Boeing Wichita