Re: Q:747-400F vs. 747-200

Date:         01 Aug 97 04:04:15 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.NOSPAM.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>The differences in between the 747-400 and earlier 747 models are quite
>significant.  The two-man flight deck was not just a matter of getting
>rid of the third seat and putting the flight engineer's controls and
>instrumentation somewhere else.  The systems throughout the 747-400 are
>a lot different than the earlier models.

That's true, but a two-person flight deck doesn't imply changing all
those systems.  The 757 and 767 have a relatively modern, two-person,
glass cockpit, but they don't have the systems sophistication of the
747-400.  The MD-10 conversion of the DC-10 includes a two-person
glass cockpit, but I doubt they are changing all the plane's systems.
I think some 727s have been similarly conerted, possibly the Dee
Howard conversion, which includes re-engining with RR Tays, done for
UPS and perhaps others.

I recall recently hearing some about a project to convert older 747s
to two-person, glass cockpits.  Might have been for Atlas but I would
not bet much on that.

>Reconfigurng an older 747 to 747-400 specifications would mean an
>almost complete rebuild of the plane ...

But you don't need to go to 747-400 specs to eliminate the FE position
and go to a glass-cockpit.

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