Re: Boeing 777 - Totally Irresponsible?

Date:         07 Jan 97 07:20:18 
From: (Kieron Murphy)
Organization: REIWA
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  or MIME structure (Merlin Dorfman) wrote:

>Bill Chivers ( wrote:

>: >See, it's called redundancy.  Most of the time there are at least 3, usually
>: >4 or more, systems for each task.  And on critical cases different software

>: Whereas Airbus employ code written by different teams, and it could
>: therefore be argued that the chances of total failure are less, because
>: a combination of inputs which will simultaneously crash *different* sets
>: of software should be vanishingly unlikely.

>: The counter argument is that different software teams still come from
>: the same industry, with the same way of thinking, working from the same
>: specification, and are therefore likely to make similar mistakes.

>     This subject has been discussed on, among
>other places, and while there is not unanimity, the general feeling in
>the software profession is that the effort is better spent in making one
>program as good as possible than in making several different versions,
>i.e., for a given number of labor hours or dollars, the most reliable
>software results from making one "version" of the software as good as

This is the path Boeing took, concentrating on getting the specs right
in the first place as well.