Re: differents in DC10-30 and -40

Date:         31 Jul 97 12:30:27 
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>>One other difference between the DC-10-40 and the -30 is that some of
>>JAL's are domestic models, and the DC-10-40(D)s lack the center main
>>landing gear.  Apparently the structure is still there as I've seen
>>reports of conversions in both directions.  I'm not aware of this
>>being done to a DC-10-30, though perhaps there are examples.

>     I then started asking around and finally dug up a DC-10-30 flight
>manual. It turns out that the flight engineer can isolate the centre gear
>(i.e. keep it retracted).

Presumably the DC-10-40 has the same feature, which I vaguely recall
now that you mention it.  However, the report I read about the JAL
domestic models indicated that the center post had been physically
removed from the aircraft (or re-installed when coverted back to the
non-domestic version).  I can't vouch for the accuracy of the report,
but if the aircraft is already certified for use with the center gear
stowed, it's not too much of a stretch to see JAL completely removing
it for service in which it will simply add extra weight.

>The benefit is an increase in climb-limited landing weight

Can it be deployed once on the ground?  I wouldn't have thought so,
but that means a light landing would then force a light takeoff.

>So I do not see any specific benefit at MIA, other than saving on
>wear and tear when the landing weight is low enough to allow it.

Or if there was some problem with the center gear.  Presumably it's
not on the MEL so long as you follow the weight restriction.

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