Date:         01 Jan 97 20:59:23 
From: (Kate was here)
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My apologies to the ng for posting instead of using direct email.
I tried to send email but it bounced. (Public Cluster) posted:
>Hi, I am doing a project on DGPS. I am looking for a real time software
>(source code in c ++ or other language)  for interpreting  the code
>generated by the trimble receiver.

The data format for Trimble GPS boxes is discussed in the manual for
whatever Trimble box you may own.  The newer models can do ascii dumps
directly to your PC.  Try reading the manual if you haven't already done so.
If you haven't had a course in signal analysis, what you're taking on will
be non-trivial and quite difficult.

>Pls provide some information of
>where I can get the source code for >doing Real-time DGPS and the
>source for converting all GPS correction >into RTCM format.  All
>information about DGPS are welcome but the >immediate request is to
>get some source code that can interpret the code >that are generated
>by trimble gps receiver. Thank you. >Cheers.  >TAY CHAI LENG

I suggest you:
1) ask the folks at Trimble - if anyone knows about public domain
software for their products, they do.  Trimble is out on the net.
Their node/domain name is  I do not know if they have
a web page, but they certainly have email.
2) try asking this question on sci.geo.geology or sci.geo.satellite-nav,
rather than here. Most of the folks who use GPS for geodesy research
are geologists and/or geophysicists, and you're likely to find some of
them hanging out on the sci.geo news groups
3) ask the GPS gurus at JPL if your project is academic rather than
commercial - JPL is very friendly toward educational inquiries.  JPL has
a large lump of GPS source code (called GyPSy if my memory serves me
correctly).  I do not know if their code can be used for Trimble data
streams - it doesn't hurt to ask however.  The node/domain for JPL is  Good Luck!

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