info on DC-3 in Portland OR/Vancouver WA area

Date:         31 Jul 97 12:30:27 
From:         Jack Cullen <>
Organization: WOMR-FM, 92.1MHz - OuterMost community Radio in Provincetown, Cape Cod, MA
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Howdy y'all,
We're trying to find out the location and current status of an airplane
that may be in the Portland/Vancouver area.  It's a DC-3A that we used
to fly for Provincetown-Boston Airline (PBA).  The registration number
at that time was N136PB, but the most recent information I've been able
to get indicates it's registered now as N18121 - which was its original
number when Eddie Rickenbacker bought it brand new in 1937 from Donald
Douglas and it entered Eastern's "Great Silver Fleet".  This leads me to
believe it may be under restoration and will be put into the EAL c.1937
I, and a bunch of other ex-PBA folks, would really like to know what has
become of this airplane.
The demise of PBA was an extremely emotional affair and this plane was
our pride and joy and we'd really like to know how it's doing now.  It
flew our last ever scheduled flight!  It flew from LGA to HYA and when
it arrived at about 10pm that night it set off a party that lasted 3
days and 4 nights.
At that time it had about 92,000 hours on the airframe and had taught
untold numbers of idiot co-pilots and not-overly-bright captains (myself
included), the proper way to fly.
If anybody has any information about it, we'd sure like to hear from
you.  Reply via the newsgroup or the e-mail below.

Jack Cullen
West Chatham, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

Please reply to: DougDriver "at" aol "dot" com