Re: Boeing 777 - Totally Irresponsible?

Date:         07 Jan 97 07:20:18 
From: (Mark Radovich)
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jfmezei <> wrote:

>The one area where there seem to be complaints is the throttle on Airbus
>not matching any changes made by the computer.  Do pilots leave their
>hands on the throttle throughout the flight to notice if engine throttle
>is being changed by the computer ?

No, but one's eyes can pick up thrust lever movment a lot quicker than
seeing digits or pointers move on screens.

>>From my point of view, I have no problem on MS Flight simulator looking
>at the screen to see what my throttle is at and pressing certain keys to
>increase/decrease it to the levels I want.

Gee MS simulator is just like flying the real aeroplane....not.  Is
your arse on the line when you fly your simulator?