Re: Boeing 767 main gear tilt

Date:         28 Jul 97 01:13:30 
From:         "Allan S. Howard" <>
Organization: Mechanical Flight Systems
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> >Could someone explain why the B767 gear is tilted the "wrong" way, i.e.
> >front wheels down, instead of the seemingly more natural rear wheels
> >down design like the 747, 777 or A340 ?
> The gear tilt "toe down" in order to stow more efficiently.  This allows
> the main gear well to be shorter, making the cargo holds longer.  This is
> goodness since longer cargo holds carry more revenue stuff.  A small side
> benefit is that a shorter gear well makes the airplane slightly lighter
> and stiffer.

No.  The main gear truck is parallel with the body when stowed.  The main
gear strut pivot is not parallel with the body, so that the downward tilt
of the gear compensates for the forward tilt of the strut when stowed.

Stowed view from above: Fwd left, Aft right (767)


Hope this helps.  I've always wondered this myself, and finally found a
picture that shows the gear stowed.

By the way I'm not in the landing gear group.  I'm not an authority on