Re: differents in DC10-30 and -40

Date:         28 Jul 97 01:13:28 
From: (Malcolm Weir)
Organization: Little to None
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>Hey out there can anyone tell me what the differeents in a DC10-30 and
>-40, I know the differents in a -10 and -30 is bigger engines,bigger wings
>and center line gear.

Basically, the -30 has GE engines and the -40 has Pratt & Whitney.

The story was that the -40 was created to sell the aircraft to a die-hard
P&W customer (JAL?) who wanted to take advantage of the political benefits
of existing work-share programs (specifically, I think P&W has had a
relationship with Japan Aero Engines for a while before the IAE partnership
was formed).