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Date:         28 Jul 97 01:13:28 
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In article <airliners.1997.1500@ohare.Chicago.COM> BAEJS3201 wrote:
>Hey out there can anyone tell me what the differeents in a DC10-30 and
>-40, I know the differents in a -10 and -30 is bigger engines,bigger wings
>and center line gear.

The original DC-10-10 had GE CF6-6 engines.  The subsequent DC-10-30
was equipped with higher thrust CF6-50 series engines, in addition to
an increased wingspan, additional center main langing gear, and higher
gross weight.  (A special DC-10-15 model is a DC-10-10 with the larger
engines, for better hot-and-high performance out of Mexico City.)

The DC-10-40 (originally designated the DC-10-20) is essentially a -30
model with Pratt and Whitney JT9D engines.  Northwest was the first
customer, preferring this model to maintain engine commonality with
their 747 fleet.  JAL was the only other customer, though subsequently
other carriers have acquired ex-NW and/or ex-JAL DC-10-40s.

The DC-10-40 is relatively easy to spot because the JT9D has a higher
air flow requirement than the GE CF6-6 and -50, necessitating a bell-
shaped flare at the front of the #2 engine duct.  (The duct could not
simply be enlarged, as was done for the wing-mounted engines, since
this would require significant structural changes for the vertical
tail, through which the #2 engine duct passes.)  The MD-11 also has
this flared duct, but it also has winglets; none of the GE-engined
DC-10s have the flare.

One other difference between the DC-10-40 and the -30 is that some of
JAL's are domestic models, and the DC-10-40(D)s lack the center main
landing gear.  Apparently the structure is still there as I've seen
reports of conversions in both directions.  I'm not aware of this
being done to a DC-10-30, though perhaps there are examples.

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