Re: Aileron control on Airbus

Date:         28 Jul 97 01:13:28 
From:         Seth Dillon <>
Organization: MindSpring Enterprises
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Ian McAndrew wrote:
> On a flight to Italy recently, my first on an Airbus, I was looking at
> the wing and it appeared to me that there were no conventional ailerons.
> There was a control surface close to the fuselage which showed a lot of
> activity during the approach but only in a downward direction (on my
> side - I assume there was a matching one doing the same on the other
> side :-)
> At no time did it move up and from the look of it I don't think it was
> possible anyway. The impression I got was that turns were initiated by
> increasing lift on the wing at the outside of the turn without a
> matching aileron decreasing lift on the inside wing.

My only experience is with the A310.  On that aircraft there is an
inboard "all speed" aileron on each wing and flight and ground
spoilers.  There is no conventional outboard spoiler as on Most other
large transports.