Q:747-400F vs. 747-200

Date:         28 Jul 97 01:13:27 
From:         Brian Wiklem <brian_wiklem@interactive.sony.com>
Organization: SISA
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I have a question, which may seem pretty unorthodox in nature...

I noticed 747-400F freighters are priced at about $130-$140 million
brand new.  And recently, companies like Lufthansa have said no
way to such a price.

My question is this (and also is it feasible and worth the trouble?)?

Wouldn't it be far more cost effective to take an existing 747-200
and strengthen the cargo hold, re-engine the plane with newer,
fuel efficient engines (i.e. Rolls/Pratt/GE), and possibly add
wing tip extensions?

It seems this would be a far more cheaper solution, the only
quibble being the current 'airframe' hours, and the fact I
doubt you could add a fuel tank in the tail for the
extended range that the -400F has.....

It also brings up another somewhat related question.  Although
the -400 has a two crew cockpit, and the -200 having three, what
about reconfiguring the cockpit to a more modern glass cockpit
like Federal Express is doing with it's DC-10 to "MD-10" conversion

Again, this is odd, but was the first thing that came to mind when
hearing a lot of airlines won't pay what Boeing is asking for on
the -400F......

Although the price didn't stop Atlas Air from buying 10 w/10 options.


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