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Date:         28 Jul 97 01:13:26 
From:         "Steven G. Thomson" <>
Organization: Internet 1st, Inc
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Andrew Goldfinger <> wrote in article
>      A few years ago, I saw a Swearingin Metro with a tubluar member at
> the tail apex. I asked about this, and was told that it was for a JATO
> engine.

It must be for Trans States Metro II service for departing Meigs Field on a
hot day with a full load and sailboats in the harbor. Just kidding!

Seriously, my "Illustrated Encyclopedia of Propeller Airliners"  states:

"The Metro II introduced a number of improvements to the flight deck and
aircraft systems, larger windows and provision for a JATO (jet assisted
takeoff) unit. This last is most unusual in civil aircraft, and consists of
a 350 LB rocket in the tail to improve the Metro II's performance in hot
and high conditions."

I dispatched the Metros for a while, and found the Metro III was such a
vast improvement in performance and range, that a rocket equipped II would
be of dubious value.

Besides, the claustrophobic cabin of the Metro coupled with a rocket
assisted takeoff would tend to cut down on repeat customers!
Steven G. Thomson
Arnold, Missouri